There are over ten different areas to choose from when making a gift to support the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation. Generous contributions can be made to funds that support and service programs that are essential to our organization's success.

  • National Scholarships

  • National Endowment Funds & Grants

  • National Unrestricted Funds

  • Chapter-Specific Funds

  • Customized Gifts

Richard Cecil Todd and Clauda Pennock Todd Tripod Scholarship: Dr. and Mrs. Richard Todd established the Tripod Scholarship in 1991 to promote academic activity to a Member who has demonstrated an appreciation for scholarship, leadership and fellowship. A gift to this scholarship supports the education of a current undergraduate Member and promotes the living memorial of Dr. and Mrs. Todd, two very passionate and kind Members of Phi Sigma Pi.

Rolla F. Wood Graduate Scholarship: Established in 2004, the Wood Scholarship is given to a Member who has seen success as an undergraduate and has plans to enroll in graduate school. This scholarship honors one of our founding principles, education, a principle that Rolla F. Wood was dedicated to. A gift to Phi Sigma Pi’s graduate scholarship allows a deserving individual to take the next step in their pursuit of education.

Leadership in Action: Phi Sigma Pi’s Nationally Award winning leadership development program tailored towards our Members, trains them in the skills they can use to improve their Chapters and put to use in life after college. LiA is run through individual course topics called modules, with each donation we are able to get take steps in adding new modules for Phi Sigma Pi’s emerging leaders.

Subrosa Fund: Members helping Members, the Subrosa fund assists a Phi Sigma Pi Member who is facing financial hardship. Whether it be natural disaster, medical expenses or other difficulties out of their control, this fund is a way to unite when “one of our own” is facing a troubling situation. “Subrosa,” or “under the rose,” represents secrecy; therefore, recipients of Subrosa Fund assistance are not revealed to the membership. Giving to the Subrosa Fund is a great way to offer a little extra help to a Member in need.

Jeff and Kim Johnson Existence and Expansion Endowment Fund: Established in 2007, this fund invests in the creation of new Chapters, prevents Chapter inactivity and ensures the Fraternity as a whole has the resources to withstand economic, geopolitical or natural disasters. By giving to this fund, you are investing in a legacy of strength for the future by providing a safety net to protect and enhance our organization for many more years.

The Torchia Capital Fund: This fund provides National Headquarters with the financial assistance to ensure the facility continues to serve the organization and its Members. Through maintaining, adapting and insuring the safety of the primary operational, communication and archival center of our Fraternity, the Torchia Capital Fund will support operations for years to come.

Lamp of Knowledge: This fund ensures that Members get “the full Phi Sigma Pi experience” through participating in the educational and leadership initiatives offered at national events. Established by National Council in 2007, LOK encourages members to develop the skills and passion to develop into future leadership candidates. By supporting this fund, your gift allows additional Members to attend National Convention, support strong Regional events and increases grants for Alumni furthering their involvement in our National Philanthropy.

Centennial Fund: This fund supports the national celebration planned for our 100th anniversary of the founding of Phi Sigma Pi. By giving to the Centennial Fund, you are commemorating the centennial milestone in Phi Sigma Pi’s ongoing mission to enrich the individual, campus and community. Throughout the Centennial year, your gift will provide publications, displays, events and activities to recognize and celebrate our Diamond Anniversary.

National Unrestricted Funds: Through this fund, the Foundation is able to determine where a gift will make the largest impact and is the ideal fund for providing “the ultimate flexibility.” With many needs and goals, the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation is able to balance our needs today with the endeavors of tomorrow. A gift to the Unrestricted fund can assist a wide range of service and support programs essential to the ongoing success of the Fraternity.

Chapter Specific Funds: Scholarships and Endowment funds can be developed by individuals or Chapters to benefit a specific Chapter. All donations enter an earmarked account in the Chapter’s name. The Foundation will work with the donor to create a specific criteria.

Customized Gifts:
 If a pre-established fund does not suit you, as the donor, you are encouraged to find the perfect fit. Please contact us and we’ll work together to tailor something that meets your philanthropic objectives.