“I come not boldly, but humbly, as I seek to uphold the ideals of Scholarship, Leadership and Fellowship.” - Brothers’ Creed.

It's time to celebrate our past successes by looking ahead to the future of Phi Sigma Pi. 100 years of scholarship, leadership and fellowship has paved the way for over 50,000 leaders and is sure to continue to make a difference in our communities for years to come.

To commemorate this milestone, and celebrate the efforts of Members, The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation is currently offering three opportunities to support the Fraternity’s mission.

 Ceremonies and Ritual Book Small Brick Large Brick
Phi Sigma Pi's Ceremonies and Ritual Book
The elegant, confidential book immortalizes the purpose through the powerful words of the Fraternity's most respected ceremonies. By itself, the book makes a terrific gift, but personalized with your brick, it becomes a lovely tribute to your loved one and a cherished keepsake you'll pass down for generations, for only a $100 donation.

Leave your legacyLeave your mark on Phi Sigma Pi in honor of the Centennial! This is your chance to inscribe a brick to be laid at National Headquarters by making a donation of $200 or more. With this contribution, you are paving the way for future leaders to make a difference through Phi Sigma Pi!  For only a $200 donation, you can honor our Founders with a classic 4x8 brick to be installed at our National Headquarters [40 character limit]. For only a $300 donation, you can make a bigger statement with an 8x8 brick to be installed at our National Headquarters. [70 character limit].

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Gifts to The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.